How to Beat an Insane AI

In my “How to Beat a Medium AI” guide I went through various steps and stages on how to use simple tactics to defeat medium level AI.  It focused on using an adequate defense and teching up to overcome a computer’s ability to amass stupidly sized armies.  Defeating a medium AI was very much about a macro strategy.  Defeating an insane AI (for now until they fix it) appears to be about maintaining a very micro managed agenda.

In this little guide I’ll detail how you defeat insane AI using the three races.  At the end of it you will more or less see why I think it is so cheesy.


Protoss (luckily) have to methods of defeating an insane level AI.  The first was discovered in a 7 AI 1 player FFA where a human player spammed cannons and void rays and found out that as long as there were adequate cannons the AI would generally stay away from his base.  Some crafty player decidedly applied this to all insane AI match ups and discovered the first way to beat insane AI, cannon rushing.

Yeah it’s lame but it works.  In regular cannon rushing strategies you place cannons out of line of sight of the player.  However computer players send two harvesters around scouting, so when you are cannon rushing you should have your cannons start a little further back than you normally would.  If you don’t the computer will try and rush your probe with all of his harvesters and kill your pylon.   Below is a replay of me cannon rushing a computer.  In it I’m teamed with an insane AI computer who is generally useless.

The second method of defeating an insane AI is proxy rushing mass zealots.  Similar to the cannon rush you create gateways nearby the enemies base and start pumping out zealots like a mad man.  This is also known as a ‘proxy rush.’


There is only one way to win as a terran, mass marines.  You build several barracks near their base and just pump out marines like crazy.  When the two of you have 4-5 marines each you rush in their with all guns blazing… but don’t forget to continue to pump out more and more marines and have them link up with the platoon.  These marines should mow down anything they run into.  You may also want to do a little more microing.  What I mean by microing is moving injured marines to the back and full healthed marines in the front.


This is going to be the hardest to accomplish or as my friend Typecast tells me “the easiest.”  You are going to need to pump out an early spawning pool.  To do this you build one drone total and generate 200 crystal you need for your pool without building new drones.  Once you have your pool going build some drones.  When your spawning pool populates you want 150 crystal, 3 larvae and 3 supply.  You immediately want 6 zerglings so that at the outset of the match you are storming south with 12 zerglings (two players combined).  Your hatcheries need to continuously build zerglings/overlords and also a queen for larvae.  It’s an uphill battle but you need to wipe out one of the AI in your first rush.  After that you need to tech up (you’ll have stupid amounts of resources leftover) and finish off your last opponent with regular tactics (RUSH HIM WITH BROOD LORDS/ULTRALISKS!!!).

And that’s it.

That’s how you beat insane AIs, cheesy right?  I’m not going to make this one of my official guides and will probably edit this one until it’s fixed.  I feel this is heavily exploited and I’ll edit this when blizzard fixes it with some new tips on how to beat insane AI.

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