Why Aion Failed

Well next in my series on why MMOs fail is why Aion failed.  Aion is a sad story.  Aion was a major success in Korea.  In Korea gaming popularity went: Starcraft, Aion, then World of Warcraft.  Because of Aion’s popularity over World of Warcraft in Korea it was felt it could be a potential WoW killer if expanded beyond Korea’s borders.  It was first launched in China and then a month later in North America.  I should note that Aion had 400,000 pre-orders and an additional 300,000 sales after the first week.  This made it a massive commercial success.  However after the first month their subscribers dropped below 200,000 and steadily lower than that over time.

So what went wrong?

1. Leveling Model Was Korean, not American

Any MMO that is released in North America is always going to be compared with World of Warcraft.  It’s sort of odd that all games regardless of their type (even first person shooters, trading games, and RTS MMOs) will get compared to WoW.

In Korea leveling is done via hard grinding.  A person is expected to do their dungeon content over and over, or PvP, or in the extreme cases… run around killing mobs.

Compare that to say, World of Warcraft model, where the game is expected to give a smooth leveling path entirely from quests from start to finish.

When you compare World of Warcraft to Aion with that WoW framework Aion is going to lose 100% of the time.  It’s not a fair comparison.  A better comparison might be Ragnorak Online to Aion.

Aion’s grind was particularly brutal.  I remember hitting Level 20 and saying “fuck this game” (mind my French).  At around level 20 you 100% run out of quests and are running around kiting mobs around in hopes that they don’t kill you. You are taking drinks every single mob and pushing your way up.  If you are on a server that is balanced you have PvP as an option.  However if you play a weaker more imbalanced class you’ll just end up getting camped.

Basically the grind came down to numbers… and you not having them.  If the last level of World of Warcraft is 2M XP and you are getting 10,000 XP per mob kill… imagine Aion being 20M and gaining 2,000 XP per mob kill.  It’s such an insanely brutal amount that once you reach the XP plateau point (Level 20) you just feel like it’s going to be too much.

I do have friends that have level capped at what they told me was because so few other people level capped and since they took months to level cap all they could do (content wise) was run around low level areas ganking people.  The challenge of that dies out so what you end up with is a lot of idling.

2. Dinah and the Need For Botting

In a Korean market grinding out a currency makes sense.  If you are in a game where you will be constantly grinding all the time then an economic incentive (or enforcement I should say) for doing so needs to be implemented.  Aion was very heavy on the need for currency and the ability to generate it.  Everything in the game costs dinah… and lots of it.  Despite having the ability to fly you need to be shipped off to other places via a teleport.

What this ended up doing was making Aion bots insanely popular, available and effective.  People used bots for leveling, grinding gold, ganking people, PvPing, and gathering professions.  It was very easy to get an Aion bot and because of that almost half the gaming population that remained ended up getting one to the end of leveling or gaining dinah.

The problem is once the bot is done getting your level cap or getting your tones of gold…. what’s really left to do that a bot can’t do?

World of Warcraft doesn’t have so many bots because quests gave a giant incentive to not just grind out mobs and dungeons offered enough complexity that a bot simply could not do it.  In fact the only part of WoW that has bots are battlegrounds specifically because of low responsibility.  But are there bots in arenas? Nope.

Aion simply did not have content that was hard enough that a robot programmed to spam 4-5 buttons could not handle.  Even the PvPvE was so simple that a bot could be programmed to immediately change target to non-player mobs.

3. Wings Are Not Enough

The game was so well designed (graphically) and players were offered the ability to fly instead of having flying mounts.  The wings ended up just being this massive worthless gimmick that didn’t do anything at all.  The wings had restrictions in so many zones that they might as well just shouldn’t have had the wings. Even when you have the wings it feels insanely lackluster as you end up only getting to fly for a few seconds and then landing again.  So if my only attraction to Aion is the fact that I get wings… then what’s my reason to stay post level 10?

Aion was banking on a concept called PvPvE.  This video from Korea is what they were expecting you to do:

So what’s happening here is you have tanks tanking the boss while the two sides are doing what any other game would call griefing.  The goal here is to try and control or kill the enemy forces while maintaining ownership (tagging) of the boss so you can get credit for killing it.  When you look at this it’s actually, kinda cool.

But that’s not what happened when the game came to North America.  No in fact North American players saw this kind of attitude as griefing so as soon as any boss emerged or landed both sides would stop fighting and kill it together.  Of course this is nothing new.  When Rift was released both sides would always come together to kill off zone wide bosses.  The benefits of killing it outweighed the benefits of killing each other.

Trying to make PvPvE work isn’t exactly a bad idea, Aion just didn’t have a design that leant itself to making people fight each other and raid bosses simultaneously.  DC Universe came up with an idea that might have worked (had they not abandoned it so they could quickly launch the game).  The idea DC Universe had was instanced 6-man PvP dungeons with trash mobs and raid bosses.  You would independently fight through a dungeon each with an NPC ally (Lex Luther or Superman for example).  You would each kill 1-2 bosses and get some loots from the dungeon.  However the really great loot would always drop off of the last boss which required you to race the other side or defeat the other side.  There would be a respawn timer so after killing off all of their people you were left with a few minutes to kill/finish off the boss.

Aion just didn’t have a good enough benefits/rewards model to actually do the content.

4. The Game was too Fricking Hard

There is a unique and small gaming market that enjoys playing insanely hard games.  When I was in college I bought a game called Ninja Gaiden Black.  It was of course an Xbox sequel of an old Nintendo game I had loved.  I spent maybe 900 hours on that game before my inevitable decision to quit the game.  The game was simply, too hard.  One mistake and suddenly you are dead.

Aion in a similar way was probably too hard of a game for a community that is supposed to be “massive.”  Elitists might say that for MMO veterans this game was easy, while for people newer to the genre it was not.

As an example in most games when you die you have to pay some sort of durability fee.  This is a method of the game controlling inflation of currency.  If they feel there is too much currency in the game and it’s valueless they can just increase the cost of durability for the next tier of content.  In Aion you got your normal durability loss but as well you lost a percentage of your XP.  XP loss showed up in grey after each loss and I can firmly say I didn’t even notice it until after my 8th griefing camping.  When I looked it up I found out I was expected to pay ridiculous fees to ‘reclaim’ my lost XP.  Of course I could not afford it and so half a level was lost.

On top of that when you rez you do so at the nearest graveyard instead of being able to run back to where you were.  This means that when you die you literally are starting over.

If you’re in the ‘first wave’ of levelers in this game it’s not as significant because you can level through PvP and not experience the XP loss in the same way you did from flat out griefing.

But after the first wave is done you are left with a game that has some max rank players and a lot of lowbies who cannot move on.

WoW had a similar problem when it first launched.  People who were PvP drawn would camp Tarren Mill because lowbies were there.  As a response the other sides guild mates would show up to defend.  Hence massive Tarren Mill PvP.  However it left people having troubles leveling.  A fix for this was to make it so that only people within 5 levels of you counted for honor, guards gave dishonor and the addition of Warsong Gulch so that people would not be in the world killing off lowbies.

Aion simply could not find a reliable fix for this.  The game had already been out for  a year in Korea.  There was tones of time to iron out the these things for the North American market.  Instead they just improved the graphics and released it as is.

5. Developers Ignore Gamers

In the first month of a game it’s kind of expected that the developers ignore most gamers.  This is because there are going to be new people to the genre who really have no idea what’s going on.  It’s much like people who complain about autoaiming hacks their first time playing an FPS because all they can do is take body shots.  However when seasoned gamers are giving you criticism and advice, developers… listen.

Aion had probably one of the smallest open beta’s to date.  People were specifically chosen from a hyper elitist community.  They looked for people with the best computer specs or the highest level of raid experience.  So obviously when you get results back from these sort of over-engrossing types you will get a positive result.  If you create a game for elitists who enjoy grinds and spending massive amounts of time in a game, of course  they’ll say good things.  That is to say if you hand pick a niche crowd specifically for a game you designed for them, they should like it.

In truth it was stated very early on that the game was too grindy.  NCSoft just chose not to listen.  They saw their success in Korea as an example that the game was fine.

It wasn’t until Aion released an expansion that they got the game ‘right.”  By this time it was too late.  Like many games that chose to ignore their gaming community creating an expansion with another massive fee attached to it was merely a slap in the face to gamers.  It just felt like they were trying to pass their failure off to gamers.

In the end the game shrunk from an audience of roughly 600,000 gamers to a mere 100,000 gamers who are mostly based in Korea.  The North American servers reduced down to merging into 8 servers total all of which were low pop.  Having 100,000 gamers is still quite a bit however it isn’t an MMO that is on the rise, nor can it grow.  It’s massive failure on launch has left the game with no direction.

19 thoughts on “Why Aion Failed

  1. Nice summary.

    I went back to Aion for 1 month to see the 2.5 release and I quit within a week for most of the reasons you mentioned.

    What finally did it for me was the lowbie killing in your “home zones”. 4+ level 55s killing solo level 20s = bs.

    NCSoft should be kicked in the collective nuts.

  2. I’d have to agree with most of all it, but you left out that not only do the devs not listen to the community but their support for in game and plain technical issues is flat out horrible.

    The game has many technical issues because of the advanced graphics which is fine for me to figure out and trouble shoot but there is still rather large base of gamers that know nothing about things like Driver updates settings etc..

    I was constantly helping people with issues for most just trying to get it installed properly and run the way the Launcher (Mainly the updater for patches cause huge issues) and game layout is setup posed for tons of issues to where I’ve literally seen people post “Seems like a real cool game to bad I can’t get to run”. lol

    One other thing NCWest is always waiting on new content from Korea and if something is broken they still have to wait from Korea which is sad because they take their sweet time. Yet with this huge underlying issue the next day seems like they had plenty of time to change the website and add more stupid shit to the Game Store lol

    When 2.5 hit was supposed to have 64-bit client live , but they didn’t set an option for it in game I had to make a tutorial on how to make your game run with the 64-bit client. When I finally got a one of the GM’s involved I was informed that there was an issue with the 64-bit client yet it was never disclosed on their site what and why. One of the GM’s said we’re wasting on a fix from Korea this was during the public test server of 2.5 and here we are now months later with version 2.6 yet no 64-bit client fix?

    Oh and what I found out was that MAC users were the ones having problems with the 64-bit client thats it. This is perfect example of what you said the whole time lack of care for the community and suggestions and lack of support.

    Aion is unbalanced and broken in so many ways is sad and mostly the Devs fault along with the money greedy producer like NCSoft. It’s very sad because it has potential to be a perfect MMO yet they’re unwilling to listen to the public.

    I can’t list all unbalance of the game and it’s Technical issues among some created by NCsoft just to nerf something.

    I played Aion for quite some time and even with all my time invested into it with end game pvp gear and all sorts of loot I left it anyway so that should say allot.

    There’s my two cents,

  3. Not only you can’t even tell correctly the names of the currency and other stuff of the game. It seems like the usual crying from Aion of 2009. Botting? You can level in 2 weeks EASILY from 1 to 50, and another 2 weeks from 50 to 55 by just doing quests, instances (solo and group) and the abyss.

    The experience rates were corrected in 2010, if you wanted the “american way”. You spend more time leveling in WoW or LotRO than in Aion nowadays. Also, the “kinah” you get from doing anything got buffed up so, if you die you have to pay about 30k kinah, and you get 50k from turning an easy quest.

    The wings issue, the more you level, the more you use them.

    And the developers issue, you put up a ticket and you get answered before the day has passed. You don’t get the “Oh hai, here we are 3 days later answering your question”.

    So, I’m just guessing you haven’t played lately, and you’re just saying things that aren’t true anymore. And if you want an easy game, just go play World of Pandacraft.

    • I think you might be looking to much or too little into this article. Although a large part of it comes from my personal experience it is based largely on end user review and people’s feelings. This series is articles was never about whether or not a game was good or not, it was about why a game with such high expectations and hype inevitably failed in it’s goal.

      I’m not saying Aion is an awful game today because honestly, last time I played it was 2009. As was did the original 1 million people who purchased the game.

      A metaphor I often use is why is it that Blackberry is a sinking ship and iPhone is rising to the top. Would you say that Blackberry is failing it’s customers and not meeting consumer demands? If the answer is yes to you then you are beginning to get a better understanding of what these articles are actually analyzing.

  4. I played Aion for 6 months on the 2.5+ version and although it fixed some things it broke just as many, maybe the game isn’t as grindy as it was before but you still get ganked and camped just as much. The RNG system is completely Anti-Player, you basically get a slap in the face, kick in the nuts FU everytime you try to manastone socket or enchant anything. To get lvl 55 Abyss gear you need not only AP(Abyss Points) but also Platinum Medals which you get from dailies and which are untradable, not only that you have to grind the AP instances now you also need to do the dailies to be able to spend you AP on lv 55 items. Just now(2.7) they introduced new Anti-Kisking maps basically denying all the best kisk spots players used to use, now most kisk places are in open area spots when any1 can camp them(kisk is a personal movable respawn point).
    The best thing they did in 2.7 are PvP Arena maps 1v1, 5v5 and FFA where you can get decent pvp items and don’t loose AP, thing is you can only do them 1once a day,can you say WTF?!

    This game is basically like a Very good teaser for a Very bad movie, you are presented with all the Fun Things you could be doing but then are denied access to them or are presented with ridiculous disincentives to do them. Good bye Aion

    • This is not mentioning the completely ‘broken'(anti-fun) crafting system and unbalanced PvP, to get top of the line crafting items you need to sink in 100s of millions of kinah or grind for months and when you do get those mats you get to spend hours on end crafting 1000s of items to either level up or proc and it’s just as RNG based as everything else in this game, so you can’t do both have PvP, PvE and Crafting because it takes soo much time and effort you have to choose between them.

      PvP in Aion is what I would describe as a rock/paper/scissors system, ofc not even mentioning that you can get ganked at any time by some1 who is 20+ levels higher and has a full pvp set to your ‘white’ pve items or zerged(gang-banged) by a full party, even if you have identical gear and skills it’s still possible to get ‘1-shotted’ by the opponent a good stun/fear/root combination will allow him to kill you without you even getting 1 shot at him and this is regardless of gear or skill or even God Stone procs, and even if you do have a more or less ‘even’ fight it rarely lasts more than 10 seconds unless you have healing classes fight each other, most of the time it’s either you 1-shoot some1 or you get 1-shoted your self, there’s very little in between, the whole ‘fun’ part in Aion pvp is dancing on your opponents grave and shouting insults at him not the actual pvp which is mostly a keyboard faceroll

  5. Alot of things have changed since 2009 with this game. It is very easy to level now. The biggest grind is when trying to gear up at 55. The new arenas and token system are nice for getting gear faster. You get to run the pvp arena once a day which takes 9 minutes. Seems like alot of development for such a short of playtime. There is still no 64 bit client. So you have to use Koreas 64 bit client. Lack of communication to the community. Manastone socketing and enchanting have caused alot of people to quit. There is nothing like trying to socket your gear and have the 6th slot fail losing all your stones. The biggest turn off for me now is way it seems that NCSoft cares so little about the game here in NA. Aion had potential to be a great game but NCSoft killed it.

  6. I read everything you wrote here and I totally agree with you,however I LOVE AION.
    IMO it’s the most beautiful MMO I’ve ever seen,however,these “action” which NCSoft made,led the game to it’s bottomless pit.
    However european AION servers get the title of free-to-play in hope of people will come back and play AION. I really hope so,cuz I really enjoy the game. Of course I wasn’t totally new to MMO’s,I have beta and even alpha tested a bunch of MMORPGs so I knew how to start with it.
    Unfortunatly,we cannot turn back time and tell NCSoft what will happen “if”…
    Nice review

  7. AION has greatly changed since this article was written. There are more quests than I care to do. When you get to the 3rd zone around level 20-22, you are greeted with huge amounts of questgivers, and at 25 you get another zone with lots of questgivers, giving you more quests than you can do.

    As for flyinh, yeah, not being able to fly is most areas is a pain, but the length of flight increases by quite a bit as you level up.

    As for the kinah costs…. I don’t know where you have a kinah sink. When you die the only thing that you lose is XP (or AP if it is PvP), not kinah. You can spend kinah to recover the lost XP and it isn’t much.

    The only real issue I have with Aion is crafting. It is really, really boring.

    • Most people liked the quest style crafting in Aion. The article was done about two years before the free to play launch. By that point it had already failed. The article isn’t called “Why Aion Sucks” because MMOs evolve and change. The question is why did they not attract a large audience (at least in North America).

  8. I enjoy almost everything about the game except for how hard some of the monsters are to defeat. As well as the piss poor amount of health the game gives you and the damage you can inflict upon the monsters. One of the bosses in the game has over 200,000 HP and is at lvl 47 yet even if your character is at 60, the monster is able to kill you in 6 or 7 hits, while you fight, you barely take down 10,000 of it’s health in the same amount. It’s not even a group quest for crying out loud. It is very frustrating and annoying that the monsters are ridiculously overpowered while you are weak.

  9. excellent review

    i was play aion from long time and still play aion .
    i did read your review and i realy like it , i understand many points you talk about it and i can agree with must points u mention !

    i will not add points you already talk about them but i can add few words as agammer still play aion , this game did not look at WoW srsly , beacuse must players that will try aion will be old players from WoW , so you will have people who will compare aion with WoW or other games !

    aion is bad in pve , the pve is not that good and the lvling is not cool not mention how was lvling so so hard at begging ( launch time ) you can have custumers at launch time but can you hold them and make them like your product ? this is huge challange we talking about old gammers who spents years playing a WoW or other games , you need to give them some thing amazing at begging with nice content at the end ! aion was realy good Lesson to other companys like Anet

    i am not saying aion is so bad game do not understand em wrong guys beacuse i am still playing this game and i like it but even i like it i do see problems and wrongs and i am not a fanboy :)

    what make aion uniqe is the pvp

    pvp in aion is amazing but even the pvp is amazing , ncsoft did realy realy huge mistakes that affect directly to the pvp ! like :
    1- so many hacking
    2- making some class so strong wich inflect to other classes who did not recive good skills with new patch !
    3- unbalance class
    4- OP skills made some calss so OP
    5- they open transver whole time and made people move from server to other server with out study wich make must servers in aion is unbalance between the 2 races .
    6- the game beacome a manastone game ! some class can built a manastones on the gears made them so so strong and powerfull as temp. that he can increase his dps from the manastones
    7- the seige and medals system need to be fix .
    8- hard to ench. the gears and socket manastones with end game gears wich make must people go to buy gold ( kinah ) .

    in fact i am still playing aion beacuse i do like the pvp in aion but that did not let me blind from some wrongs and even i am an aion player i realy can understand your points and review

    again , excellent review man and we hope ncsoft learn from this test and prove them self better in next patch and next game ( blade & soul )

    so far i see some good changes in 3.0 .

    ty every 1


  10. I played Aion for nearly 3 years. Every now and then, they would throw a bone to those of us that hate PvP, but not very often. The defensive buffs made the game finally work, but now they are gone. The developers caved to the PvPers, who constantly cried about no longer being able to grief others. Note that the buffs never let you kill a ganker, they merely gave you enough defense to have a hope to escape about 2/3 of the time. You still could do no harm to anyone 10 levels or more higher than yourself. Yet still the PvPers whined, and so you can no longer level again. It takes only one high level to completely shut down the low level areas to beginning players. The game is a disgusting disgrace, promoting bullying over fairness, and dishonorable greed over teamwork. When it dies, and it will, it will be for those reasons over all others–greed and dishonor, both from the players and the developers.

  11. I played Aion at release and quit shortly afterwards for many of the reasons you stated in your article.

    However, since the launch of Aion 3.0 last year, many things have changed.

    Gaining XP has been doubled several times since the original launch, levelling is no longer an issue. If fact players skip a lot of quests because they out-levelled them before getting to the quest givers. This is not to say Aion is a short game to play, it still takes a lot of hours to get to level 60, but they are questing and not grinding hours now.

    PvE now has its own area upto level 55 (called the Fast Track server). The opposing faction can not gain access to this server and PvEers never need to see a human enemy player unless they choose to do so. Players can still play on the Standard server with a PvPvE environment if they wish (very few do!).

    At level 55 (5 levels from the current max of 60) you enter maps which have clearly marked PvE and PvP areas. There is actually no need to ever play PvP if you don’t wish to do so while levelling.

    At levels 55-60 there is a significant amount of PvE content for end-game and this is when most PvPers gear up and start their PvP game, although there is a healthy number of lower level PvPers who like to try their luck earlier. PvP officially starts at level 25, but expect to get ganked by higher levels if you start that early. The lower level players who are itching for PvP tend to get their “fix” by duelling their own faction members of a similar level.

    Due to much of the above, and NCSoft changing the strength of many mobs, the difficulty level of the game has decreased considerably. Of course some players now complain that PvE is PvEasy, but those folks could always take on quests meant for higher levels or play in smaller groups if they desire a challenge. No one forces you to take 6 people into a 6 player dungeon, try it with 2 if you want a challenge and reap better rewards.

    The population on Aion NA is also very healthy now. It started growing with 3.0 and Free to Play, and saw a large bump following the release, and for many subsequent dissappointment, of Guild Wars 2. There are no issues with forming parties, it takes only a couple of minutes at almost anytime of day for almost any task. Those wondering where a lot of their GW2 Guildies have gone will find them in Aion.

    Aion 4.0 has been released in Korea and should be available within a few months in NA based upon the historic time taken to localize updates. Aion 4 has 3 new classes and a lot of additional content (level 65 will be max). Plenty to look forward to for those in the current end-game.

    In summary I hated the game just after launch, but today it is a different animal and I wouldn’t want anyone reading your article to be put off from trying Aion out. It is not perfect yet (if any game ever is), but NCSoft are finally listening to some of the player complaints and have done a lot to improve the game. A lot of MMO’s seem to get it wrong at launch, I believe this one has finally matured and will continue to grow inside and outside of Korea.

    • i wish you read my respond above it will lead u to some important stuff
      as in the ned game yes aion have good end game will make u busy to get the mith – try drop your weapon etc,,

      but trust me u will end it up just doing pvp
      actually i am a pvper i love pvp and only pvp what made me love aion but as i see even in na server some people quit just after getting thier aims done like getting archon gears etc…

      atm i am a ranger with full gears and best bow in the server and guess what ? i am so bored

      i always login pvp login pvp noting ealse no action noting

      if u mention that ncsoft start to lession to players i would say u r wrong man .

      check the op skills that will come in 4.0 to some class that they already op !

      this game is taking the way say pvp and pvp wich will lead to a class will wipe you down just beacuse he is geared and got many advantage skills best examble is sm .. try to 1vs1 sm and u ganna understand my point

      do not get me wrong i like the pvp in aion or lets say it is ZvZ now since it is zergy like hell

      pvp in aion is taking bad path since aion use to be good in pvp now they taking wrong path man for reasons that i did see them and they alraedy happen and will happen in 4.0

      check out chanters in 4.0 they will be a superpower glad with heal

      and i think this game will be over geared people who just kill each other in few sec wich will be kinda boring

      not metion that this game is been so zergy wich mean no fun at all when u try to have some fun with pvp and face like 14+ foe on your azz

  12. Aion is now approaching 4.0 release, has adopted a free to play system, and has solved many of the issues you have/haven’t mentioned.

  13. I’ve been with Aion since launch…So much has changed in the game. There are a couple problems still in the game that really needs to be addresses by the Korean Development team. Botting, and Real Money Traders (gold sellers) literally infesting the game on the US and EU servers. Both activities are tremendously disruptive of the game enviorment. On the US servers the majority of us hope that sometime soon they’ll be a permanant fix for both of these issues.

    . The changes though since the 4.0 release have been substancial. Levelling to end game can be done in a very focused 3-4 weeks or so of “Enjoyable” play. And the cash grind is a Non-issue. You just don’t need to grind for cash.but you do have to graind for gear if your going to be competitive. In the new Katalam, and Denaria zones there are so many possible PvP objectives that if you don’t like to PvP you can almost always avoid it. At the same time your strongly encouraged to go ahead and grind out the mission content for the better gear so that you CAN be competitive in PvP..

    Currently equipment crafting is a bit of a pain with a goodly amount of the craftable equipment just not worth the bother, especially with the requred need to “Proc” (a die roll generation essentially) to craft the very best of the equipment. Crafters would spend millions apon millions of Kinah for materials to make an item, taking days gathering materials only to have it come down to a die roll which if it did not produce the better gear left you with a valueless, worthless piece of equipment.. and even when you did get the better result, there would be fairly reasonably easily aquired gear from instance drops, or PvP play that was markedly superior. None the less to say.. word has gotten around… not many players that interested in the equipment crafting process anymore and for good reason.

    Still. It’s a much better game now then it was when it launched.. Worth taking a second look. Oh.. and its still one very pretty game.

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