Generic Problems People Have in Anno 2070

So I thought I should probably get down the skinny of things. The truth is Anno 2070 does not have the best guide and in fact it is really only great if you have played previous Anno games. To other people you are sort of left clueless on how things work. So I’ve decided I will create a line of tutorials on Anno 2070 to help people. This is probably my 5th or 6th guide relating to Anno and will probably be my last. This covers all those little problems people are having with the gameplay style that seemingly do not make sense. Everything else beyond what I have published I consider to be self-explanatory.

Problem #1: How do You Get Profitable in Anno?

People who play City builders are probably used to having it pretty easy with making money. You make residences, residences demand things, you give them jobs and you get money some magical way. It’s all pretty easy and requires the simplest of utilities.

This game requires something a little more complex, closer to a Rome building game.

In this game your citizens do not actually work at the facilities you create. Well not in a direct literal sense. The game makes it so that you require certain levels of citizens in order to have the ability to have certain industries, but they don’t actually work there. This means all of your roads can be disconnected all over the place as long as you meet demands of people.

Revenues in this game can be acquired in two ways: trade and taxation.

The most efficient way to make money in this game is taxation. This is because taxation is the only way to advance your society forward and actually move forward in the game. Trade makes an equal amount of money however you do not move anywhere in the game. Because of this trading should be thought as a second thought, not a first.

You gain taxes by having citizens. The more citizens you have, the more money you get. There are four tiers of citizens. Each higher tier will offer you more and more taxes and will house more citizens. You gain extra tax money by fulfilling the needs of your citizens. Fulfilling the needs of your citizens is also how you advance them to the next tier.

On the other side you have expenses. All infrastructure in the game costs money to maintain. Tycoons generally have more efficient structures for maintenance but often take on heavy ecological costs in exchange.

This means the game is based around balancing your costs and your revenues.

You can become profitable in two main ways. The first is when you have a mass abundance of goods. This means you have too much infrastructure and not enough homes. The solution to this is to build more homes which will give you more tax revenue.

The other is that you have too much useless infrastructure or units that you cannot support. If you have a large army you are not using you can delete them by hitting the Delete key.

Another example of a structure that you sometimes use are harbor turrets and repair cranes. These are great to have, but you do not need them all the time. To turn them off hit the |> sign to pause it. You only need 2-3 harbor turrets at best. They are also moveable so if you feel the need to defend a different harbor you can simply move them.

If you see that you have a gross surplus of power or ecology you can also pause these structures.

Also look at any structure with a symbol over it. It tells you that you have a broken trade line. A lot of times it may just mean that you are full on that resource, so you can turn that one off.

A final thing is if you suddenly find yourself going into the negative and then bouncing back into the positive it is because you have an inconsistent good. When you are shipping your goods you may have one good that is not in high enough quantities. You can put on another ship if you have mass surpluses of this good or increase the number of production facilities so you can fulfill the demand.

In Anno 2070 there is always something to do, you just have to look around for it.

Problem #2: What is Technocracy How to Be Efficient?

Technocracy is the founding father of builder games.

The basic philosophy of technocracy is that everyone is doing what they are best at. A technocratic world then would split up all of the lands into farms and production centres for just one product. China has a very technocratic society. There are entire towns in China that are dedicated to only the production of socks. Thus we get socks in bulk amounts.

The same philosophy can be applied to Anno 2070.

The idea is you want to settle islands with a function in mind. For example a large island is going to be perfect to settle for the purpose of taxation and hosting a population.

Smaller islands will be very functional for getting ore and producing farms.

You link all of these with ships.

This is the most basic concept of maintaining an empire. You have a society of large tax payers and you import goods.

Even your island should be organized technocratically. You want all of one good in a set area and all of another good in another set area. As you expand your population you will have to move these goods so that you can fulfill larger islands.

Production in this game is based around carting of goods from one location to another.

Let’s take for example the production of something simple, Steel.

Steel requires Iron. Iron requires iron ore and coal. It’s a very simple production chain…. That can have modified efficiency.

So let’s say you have an iron and a coal mine next to each other. If you put the iron production facility within the radius (circle that will appear) of these two buildings the carts will take the goods directly from the mines to the iron production facility. If you place the steel production facility within the radius of the iron production facility the goods from iron will be carted directly to steel.

Why is that a big deal?

Well the other option is a depot. The depot is the source of the carts. The depot is also what you will need to place to even collect goods. So imagine a cart path that goes like this: Depot>Iron Ore Mine>Depot>Coal Ore Mine>Depot>Iron>Depot>Steel. That’s 8 moves. Now imagine a cart that goes like this Depot>Iron Ore Mine>Coal Ore Mine>Iron>Steel. That’s 5 moves. Suddenly you have doubled your efficiency all because you have organized your materials to be produced in one area.

The same is true when you are producing any finished products, especially those created from farming. You are better off finding islands with multiple fertilities and producing the finished product on that island.

A lot of times you will see little white or light blue symbols over buildings. This is a problem that goods are not being picked up. This means that either that are not enough carts (build more depots to pick up more goods) or that you have too much of this one resource. You can fix this second problem by creating more resource production facilities to build the greater end good.

When you click on a finished product building facility (tools, building supplies, healthy food, etc.) you will notice that a number of goods are used up at a time. An efficient building will be 5/5 or 10/10. This is 100% production. If it is not you either need more resources or more carts. More carts is always the cheaper solution because the maintenance is cheaper. If you are not 5/5 or 10/10 on production you do not need more of these buildings until they are full on 5/5 or 10/10. You will find after doing this you will gain massive production gains.

A final part of technocracy is the inter-water transporting of goods. This is mainly using the boat for the right job. You need to have efficient or highly efficient trade routes. At the end of every trade route you should almost always have a trading partner to sell your excess to.

The smallest trade boat is 3 cargo. You will try and want to have 3 cargo on this ship in the trade route. When you need a higher cargo ship Tycoons offer 6 cargo and Ecos offer 4 cargo. Some goods are necessary and it is fine to have these as 1 item trades. However it is important to try and max out this route as much as humanly possible. It may be more efficient to have more ships on this route and just have a larger trade route to pick up more goods.

You can only have as many ships as you have people. This sets serious limits on how you will be able to transport goods. By maintaining efficient trade routes you will make best out of limited resources and everything will run automatically.

You will need to put down depots in order to trade on islands.  Depots cost credits, building supplies and tools to build.  You drop it using a ship a button will show up on the left side of your ship’s menu.

Problem #3: How do You Evolve Buildings?

The simple answer is you fulfill the needs of the people. If you click on each home there are bars indicating how much of a need is fulfilled. By keeping these bars full you will make them eligible for growth.

This seems obvious when you get your first advancement to the second tier. But then they just never seem to evolve.

Every time a building advancing to a new level it will first give you access to a new resource you will need to advance again. Advancing actually costs resources which will get ever so more expensive.

For Ecos you will need:
Tier 1: Building Supplies
Tier 2: Tools
Tier 3: Wood
Tier 4: Glass

For Tycoons you will need:
Tier 1: Building Supplies
Tier 2: Tools
Tier 3: Concrete
Tier 4: Steel

The first thing you should always do when you advance to a new tier is start making these new building resources as you will need them for producing new good production facilities and for evolving your buildings.

Problem #4: What the Hell Does a Monument Do?

One of the sort of oddballs in the game is the monument. Monuments can be built by Ecos and Tycoons. These are MASSIVE structures that will require around 1000 tools to make along with building supplies, and tier 3 and tier 4 building resources. They are insanely expensive and cost heavy on money and electricity.

What they are for is not all that clear, the game never really explains this. There is a scenario to make one, but then the scenario ends and you never really need one.

Monuments are entirely made in Continuous Play and have no functionality outside of Continuous Play.

But Troubl what are they bloody for?

Monuments are the “everything” building. Monuments will fulfill all needs of all residents around them. So when you build your monument you want them to be in nice open areas you can develop. After this you will notice that every building you place in this area will have all of their non-goods needs fulfilled.  They have a very large range and can support up to 4,000 people and are absolutely necessary for gaining the settle 10,000 people achievement.

Problem #5: How do You Gain Access to S.A.A.T. and Opposite Faction?

In the achievement tab are various features regarding maintaining multiple types of factions at the same time. In order to do this you first have to have access to them.

For S.A.A.T. you will have to reach the third tier (concrete or wood buildings). You will be able to unlock S.A.A.T. at your Arc for a whopping 10,000 credits. You will also be able to purchase a Trimarine (submarine) for 3,000 credits.

No, you do not need to build any S.A.A.T. homes in order to gain access to underwater technologies you will need for your main faction. S.A.A.T. buildings merely give you access to making items that you can use on your ships, in your harbors and on your arcs.

The opposite faction is a little harder to unlock. In order to do this you will need to get to Tier 5 buildings. You will be once again offered their building units and it will cost you another 10,000 credits.

The two big achievements for multi functions are to have Eco and Tycoon executives on the same strip of land and to have eco and tycoon monuments up at the same time.

Problem #6: What is the Arc for?

When you first look at your arc it just seems like a way to order some very expensive tools or building supplies.

But that’s not all.

Your arc is a floating bastion of your game. When you load things into your arc they will be transported to your next game. There is a limit of course. The campaign is entirely separate so all goods in the arc during the campaign will move throughout the campaign, but not elsewhere. Each scenario runs separately as not to give an unfair advantage. However they will move with you in all continuous plays.

Arcs also provide their own equip items. An arc can hold 9 items total. These items will give impact to the entire zone and usually give minor benefits that stack up in a larger society.

But Troubl, I have 6 items but can only equip 3 WTF?

Different items have different star ratings. 1-star items are insanely easy to find and offer very low benefits. 2-star items are earned through long quest chains that usually involve difficult objectives requiring you to have all of your resources used (or requiring you to build even more).

3-tar items are earned through monument quest lines or through creation at academies (S.A.A.T. tier 2 structure).

Getting items will prove to take a long time. The one star items are all purchasable from neutral NPC arcs (Thorne, Rodiriguez and the Doc). The other ones will take insanely long time to get. To date I have only collected two 2-star items and no 1-star items (although I am in the process of building one in my academy).

The ark is also your profile. You can customize all of this stuff while not in the game. This is a way of connecting all of your games together and creating progress.

Problem #7: How do You Make Underwater Bases?

So when you purchase S.A.A.T. tech after having your first Tier-3 civilian you will get a Trimarine for 3000 credits.  A Trimarine is basically a submarine.  It has a button that will allow you to get under water.

First thing you will need to do is put the Trimarine underwater and move it around the map.  Every now and then it will indicate that an “island” has been discovered.  These are underwater islands that have a darker ting on the map.

Once you have found one get tools and building supplies in your trimarine.  Move it to this ting on the map and it will now give you the option to build a harbor.  Once you plant it you have an underwater base.

Problem #8: Where Are Agreements

Agreements can be made with other AI players in the game.  They come in many forms.  It is important to distinguish between Player AI computers and neutral AI computers.

The neutral AI computers appear in every single game and include Rufus Thorne (Tycoon AI), Yana Rodriguez (Eco AI) Dr. Salman Devi (S.A.A.T. AI), and Dr. Bashi (S.A.A.T. Underwater Only AI).

Everyone else is a Player AI and thus can used Player AI agreements.

Non-Player AI have the following agreements:

Lobbying: This allows you to trade credits for reputation with this AI.  It is never recommended you ever use this as it is very easy to earn reputation with non-Player AIs.
Demand Quest: This is not threatening and will not lower your reputation.  It is a translation error.  Demand Quest means you will freely do work for them and are free right now.  It is expected a strong player will demand quest on cooldown because of the licenses and extra credits.
Take Out Loan: This will give you a static amount of credits to spend however it will decrease your income per minute with interest.
License Trading: This allows you  to trade money for licenses, not the other way around as it may seem.  This is also not particularly all that worthwhile because of how easy it is to acquire licenses.
Auxiliary Fleet: Each of these factions has a fleet of ships available to sell to you in times of emergency.  A common strategy is to not have a war fleet at all and in times of emergency purchase one from the neutral AIs.  Each has their own flavour of units, Ebashi has submarines, Thorne has long range attack, Yana has anti-air, and Devi has air.

For Player AIs you get:

Declare War: They’ll start shelling out whatever is closest to their war vehicles.  At this point you begin to gain a “war influence” in which you can enact war policies depending on how much war influence you have.  They include a no-attack on settlements agreement, a ceasefire, and peace.
Lobbying: Much like non-player AI this gives influence for money, is useful when trying to buy out their shares of islands to conquer them.
Repair Service: This is an agreement in which you use their repair cranes and pay per use.
Price Dumping: Allows you to buy goods far cheaper from Tilda if you can purchase a minimum bulk amount.
Demand Credits: Gain static amounts of money in exchange for reputation.
License Trading: Allows you to trade money for licenses.

Problem #9: My Buildings Are De-Volving and Evolving On Loop

The default threshold for evolving a build happens when you reach 90% of the needs of your residents.

The default requirement for each building to stay evolved is 10% of the needs of your residents.

However when you evolve your building you gain new needs and thus that threshold gets pushed even further.

In factions like S.A.A.T. certain levels can add heavily to luxury.  The end result is a continuous loop in which your resources get drained and you’re constantly swinging back and forth with no real way to fix this.

To fix this you can turn off Advancement by clicking on a Check Mark button to the top right of a certain type of resident’s screen.

So if you don’t want Researchers to advance to Geniuses, click on a Researcher and click on the check mark in the top right corner.  Now you will gain no new geniuses and consume no extra resources.

This will give you the time you need to start getting extra resources so you can afford the new people.

March 18: 2012: Added in Problem #7
August 12: 2013: Added in Problem #8 and #9

29 thoughts on “Generic Problems People Have in Anno 2070

    • I’m hoping you mean in between different games. So you have loaded up a few items to your arc and maybe some resources as well. They will follow you in similar games. They will not follow you in any scenarios as they make the scenarios too easy. New continuous games will all keep the items as will the events.

      In the campaign you can only keep the resources and items on the same map. Each Chapter is a different map.

      So arc transferring between games ends up being quite limited just for balance sake.

    • Nice pet project for me for after the holidays. I’ve done it once before. For the record you can’t win Continuous Mode. Continuous mode just keeps going on. Surviving it is rough and you spend most of your time with cease fire flags, succumbing to threats and bribing pirates.

      A easier way to start off is to load up your arc from a previous cplay. With Tier 4 goods and selling them off to NPCs for some extra cash. Alternatively you can use high value items to get some extra licenses.

      You will need a repair crane and you will probably lose your flag.ship. Hard mode is.100% customizable.

      The other players you have to take out one at a time by catching them out of position and wiping out their harbors. Conveniently you can sign a ceasefire agreement on trade sips. After you pay for this deal you can just quickly wipe him out harbor by harbor

  1. Nice guide, thanks.
    Two questions:
    1. How ecology level affect the game ?
    2. Sometimes the population just stop advancing (in campaign, not played other modes yet).
    All the needs are fullfilled (all green), the taxes are low, the population is above 1500, even the ecology have positive value, but those guys just refuse to go up the tier, even the basic ones (like lab assistans, for example).
    Am I missing something ? (of course I am, just can’t figure what)

    • Good morning
      1. Ecology has two effects. The first is people will move into homes faster if they have a positive environment. The alternative to this is fulfilling the needs for that tier which will make them fill up faster.
      2. There are many reasons for homes not advancing. The first is that you do not have full homes. If needs are not met homes will not fill up and people will not want to invite their higher class friends. Second is that you are not fulfilling all of the needs of that person. A simple mistake is something along the lines of not turning on your Information building. Third you might not have enough resource to evolve them. As an example if you want to evolve from tier 1 to tier 2 you need building supplies and tools available. In each home there is a rights ascention in the top right corner and it will tell you what you need.

  2. In chapter 2 of the campain, you need to build a ship that occupies 7 slots, but I only have 13 of which 10 are in use by the 2 ships you get in the campain and I can’t delete them to free up space. How do I fix this?

    • So to do this you have to expand your population of that island. The higher your population the more ships you can support. You can alternatively use the delete key on a ship to build more space for a new ship.

      • Yes you expand your building area and your “need for company” by producing community centers. Depots and harbors will also expand your building area. Depots/harbors are for your production and building centers are for your people.

  3. Great guide! Thanks for taking the time.

    As a beginner, I ran into a problem that your readers might be interested in so that they can avoid it. I built a ton of homes, and built the corresponding Activity building in the center of them. They would not evolve! I finally realized that the road that was close to it didn’t actually touch it, and apparently in 2070 no one walks on grass. :) Once I built a road that touched it, the neighborhood improved swiftly. Just something to keep in mind – make sure you have roads because some buildings do not warn you (or fall down) when they are not accessible by a road.

    • The people will demand a “need for company” if there is no road connecting. You can figure out where the missing road is by using the middle mousebutton and tilting your camera to get a better angle.

  4. I select the ship and hit the ‘delete’ key and the ship does not delete…very frustrating…any ideas?

    • I know BLuebyte and Related Designs have been having some problems in game ever since they released the newest patch showing off Domination Mode. It might be related specifically to that.

  5. Very useful guide thanks!
    I just started playing Anno 2070 and I cant seem to transfer items from my own warship to the warship of another npc. I have not been able to compete the quests requiring me to give these nps some sort of goods…

    • These sort of missions are solved by simply having the item in your hold and moving to the pinged location on the map. You will need to have all of the items required around the target.

  6. right so i have coal in my warehouses and depots on the island and i have a carbon factory that requires coal, however i have no idea how to get the coal from warehouse to factory and its just sitting there, im completely stuck!

    • It will most likely be because the coal Miner is not in range of the depot just because its in the depot area dosnt mean it will reach it. Easy way to tell is select your coal miner and see if the depot is green, you wll also see the area (in white) around the coal miner that it will reach.

    • Make sure the road to the factory is connected to a depot. Sometimes it is very easy to be missing the smallest piece of road. If this doesn’t help make a depot closer. Depots can only support a select number of buildings.

      • i will try this first thing tomoroow, im 100% it is connected to road, its odd that other buildings also needing coal are fine its just this one! thanks for the help

  7. Oh another issue i ran into on my continous game, how do i set up like a trade so i auto sell items to npc’s and how can i maximise storage space besides the obvious uprade?

    • At the bottom of the screen there is a button that looks like a square loop (fourth from the left). Hit that and you get the trade screen. What I do is I trade in between my islands resources that I need between them. Then I select an NPC and sell the extra to them.

  8. Hey are help there but I have one question. Can you make your cargo ships transport needed or certain goods from my other islands to my main one automatically?

    • Absolutely.

      At the bottom of the screen are some buttons. One is a square (it’s actually two linking bent arrows). Click on this to get the trade menu up. Click on the two (or more) ports you want to make a trade route. Adding means you want to load cargo from one place. Subtracting means you want to drop cargo at another place. The number indicates the maximum amount of that kind of material you want on the ship.

  9. I am having an issue with a trade route. I am on Campaign Chapter 3 Mission 3 and I am having a ship pick up functional food from underwater base and pick up sugar on Helios and heading to Venera 2. The problem I am having is that the trade route is set up to do just that but everytime the ship gets to Helios, it just ignores the fact that sugar is in storage and won’t pick it up. If it is adjusting the trade route to not show 150+ for it, that doesn’t make sense because all other trade routes are set up that way and as long as there is product in storage the ships will pick them up. The ship has no problem picking up the Functional Food but it seems to just flat out ignore the sugar at the one island. This presents a problem as I need the labrats to become researchers in order to complete it.

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