How to Use a Gamepad on SWTOR

So I should be writing a review for SWTOR right now, but instead I”m messing around with the game.

So a big complaint about the game is it doesn’t have built in gamepad support.  Pretty much all games that have been brought to us for the PC in the last say two years have had gamepad support.  Even Star Trek Online has limited gamepad support.

So I decided to try and make my gamepad work for the game, and it worked a little bit.

First download:

Pinnacle Game Profiler

This is a gamepad emulator for any game.  I use it for Call of Duties mostly but also Payday and Skyrim.

This little program will allow you to program in whatever keys you want into your gamepad.

So what I ended up doing was programming A, B, X, and Y as 1-4.  I programmed in bumpers as 5 and 6.  I programmed in the right trigger as right click (so I don’t have to keyboard turn).  Left trigger is left click.  WSAD is the left left joystick.  Mouse is right joystick.

I used back as map.

So it worked, poorly.

Up until about Level 16 it works fine, at Level 16 you end up having too many abilities.

It ALWAYS works for space combat though, so that’s something worthwhile from this.

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