How to Import Luxuries in Tropico 4

I explain everything in the video if you want something more visual.  But I will explain it in text.

So luxuries are their own resource.  They can be found under “Other” in your trade tab.  These items cannot be created they can only be imported from China.

If you are looking for something in our world to compare to, think of all those shotty products that are “Made in China.”  This is entirely a parody on our own world.

Luxuries are distributed from a shopping mall.

So here is why you can’t import them.

Luxuries by default are selected “ON” for importing.  So this means throughout the entire mission you have been importing luxuries.  Now your luxuries are maxed out and you can no longer import luxuries.

To resolve this problem create a shopping mall.  The shopping mall will distribute the existing luxuries to your public.  This will increase your money and also their satisfaction.  What it will also do is free up some importing space.

So now you can import those luxuries.  If you’re still not getting luxuries after your mall filling up, try going to your dock and switching import from a set limit to infinite.  It should already be quite high if you’re doing this mission properly.

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