4 Days from Wargame: European Escalation Launch

I know I said I’m on vacation and I wouldn’t be doing any videos… but I just felt the need to do one.  We’re four days away, so how good is this game?

I’ll have to play through the single player before I can adequately give a full and honest review of this game… but the game is not ready for launch.

The game has a lot of well known crashing issues… and we’re four days from launch.  The beta is supposed to be for balancing… and yet we’re having issues with the client staying on.

The most common crash is the “Core Dump.”

This seem to happen if you minimize your game while sitting in a lobby room and will crash the game if you maximize again any time at all.  It will crash the second the count down finishes up.

Another common “core dump” is when your team mate leaves just before the match ends.

The effect of this is a little box shows up displaying the error’s technical information and asks you to send it to the publisher.  The most annoying one so far is when the game just spams spam spams the technical information on you causing it to look like your computer is blinking.

A final bug I found in the game was the one in the video, mass Internet drops.  This is more of a hosting issue as the client doesn’t seem to be all that stable.  The game offers a switching/migrating host mode to increase stability that just doesn’t seem to work all that well.

It is in my humble opinion that the multiplayer of this game is not ready for launch.

One major problem with the game is how complicated it is.  You have decks which you can load units into.  The unit pool is 200 units.  In your deck you will have 6 different types of units (Support, Infantry, Tanks, Logistics, Recon, and Helicopters).  Each one of these has varying numbers of sub categories.  Support has three sub-categories (FOB, Supply and Command), Infantry has four (Ground to ground, Anti-Air, Anti-Tank, and Another Ground to Ground), Support has two (Anti-air and artillery).  The rest have 1.  So you are looking at 52 different unit types you can pull up.  Holy smokes.

Compare this to say, Starcraft 2.  Each side in Starcraft 2 will have roughly 12 units.  I could name all 12 units off.  I can name all 36 units for all sides.

This game will seat 200 units for each side, that’s 400 units.  You have to remember all 400 units to play well.  You know how retarded that is?

Unfortunately this game will be too unfriendly for most people.  At low levels it is going to be obvious what is what because everyone is using roughly the same deck of units.  But as you level higher and higher it will become less obvious as the names of units change and so do their capabilities.  One of the annoying things in the game right now is the number of people trying to rush to very powerful artillery or helicopter units.  They do this because these units require few tactics and a Tier8-Tier10 helicopter will squash a superior size of Tier-1 anti-air units.

The game needs some serious reworking.  They need to take down the entire list of units in the game from 400 to a mere 40 for this game to be viable.  There are actually just way too many possible load outs for anything in this game to actually be tactical.

You know what is unfun?  Losing because your deck doesn’t have the right units in it… that’s what is unfun.  If you chose to power up tanks and anti-tank guns then it will really SUCK when your opponent goes very heavily air units on their decks.  You will play a 30 minute game where your opponent is winning every single battle because he can easily kill off your anti-air units with his air units.

I know they are trying to make this game realistic… but it’s time to cut out the crap.  If this game doesn’t see better multiplayer game on launch I’ll ONLY be playing the single player.

As a final angry rant about this game I’d like to talk about realism.  A member of the beta boards made this comment:

“The line of sight in this game is the most infuriating thing I’ve ever experienced. The fact that enemy vehicles that are moving within 400m of me continually appear and disappear like a blinking light is just goofy as fuck, and the AIs reaction to this by aiming ATGMs and then stopping dead, then aiming ATGMs then stopping when line of sight is broken is obviously flawed.

Recon vehicles apparently can’t see non-moving vehicles that are in dense forest. Even recon helicopters which I’d imagine were designed for this purpose exactly can get shot down by any AA vehicle or infantry before they even know what’s happening without seeing anything. If you can get into AA range – and somehow those units can see you but you can’t see them for them to lock-on weapons and fire and you still don’t see them?? This is fine with me – but not for recon vehicles, otherwise what’s the point?

Indicators like cones that tell you what a unit can see would go a long way tbh, otherwise you’re going to have people losing battles because of an engine design and not actual playing ability.”

This poster is asking for something given from a game called RUSE.  RUSE is a game I fell in love with.  The retical would show where you can and cannot attack.  It is not REALISTIC but it makes the game fun.

This game tries to be too realistic and not enough fun.  It has poor game mechanics in it that their beta testers will shrug off because they are “realistic.”  I mean yes it is realistic… but it is not fun.  If this was to be realistic I’m pretty sure nukes would be in this game and they would just destroy each other that way.

Even the fact that there is no nuclear deployment makes it somewhat unfun.  It is supposed to be a modern war between Russia’s Pact and NATO forces.  I mean wasn’t the big fear that kept these two from fighting the fact that if war broke out they’d just nuke each other?

Realism is a sort of developer crutch for this game right now.  By making it too real it very much becomes unfun.

In one game I played I was making a big power play.  I was going to move up my tanks, anti-tank guns and infantry in one giant push against their’s.  It was going to be epic.  And all or nothing… and of course it ended up being nothing.  Even with four support vehicles in the area the tanks would all stop at different times for refueling.  This meant that the enemy defenses could pick off all of these tanks with ease…. one at a time.  Fuel is one of the most annoying and infuriating concepts in this game because it just seems so random.

You could be after having refueled up your helicopters, sail them a little bit across the map and then the refueling symbol will randomly show up.  At this time an anti-air team will very slowly move into position to shoot down your helicopters.

I’m pretty sure this is a game I won’t enjoy because the core gameplay is just faulty.  They have four days to fix this and unfortunately if they’re not working around the clock to fix it…. it will suck.

We will see what single player is like at launch but honestly I’d wait for the reviews to come out before picking this game up.

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